Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Goodbye Jodi

   By Donna Cole

 I am SO glad this Jodi Arias trial is over. My husband won't admit it, but he loves Nancy Grace on Court TV (or whatever they call that channel now). I tease him about it and talk about what a wacko she is, and that is an insult to other wackos, but she gets ratings by saying holier than thou over the top nonsense. That aside, I knew nothing about this trial, other than it was going ON and ON and ON, and Nancy was ranting and raving for what seemed forever.

 Then last night I had to sit through 6 hours of speculation on Court TV about "How will the jury come back?" I told Bob, they will come back with Murder One, nothing less. He was all like, "Oh I don't know. Some will feel sorry because she is woman." I said, "Stop that crap, that's BS, the woman is guilty as sin, she is going down, in more ways than one too."

 So, before Bob left today, he asked me, because jury watch was on, "How will they come back?" I didn't say a word, I held up one finger (not the middle one, even though I wanted to, I made a number one with my index finger). Later, he comes back and is all like, "What happened ?" I said, "Murder One dummy. It was never going to be anything else!" Now he is like, "Well they won't give her the death sentence." I said, "Bob, the freaking jury has gone all the way, they are all in, all 12 voted for Murder One, premeditated, they are not pulling back now, they got the noose in their hands! I bet you it will take them less than three hours to come back with death." And I stand by that statement. The people on this jury are not a bunch of goofs.

 The one thing I did learn from being forced to watch six hours of speculation on Court TV last night that is a fact that I didn't know is that the State of Arizona is paying the tab of this guilty as sin woman's defense. Over 1 million bucks worth of defense. Are you freaking kidding me? A case so solid that the DA refused to accept her copping to Murder 2 because they want to put this woman to death, which by the way, if there ever was a death penalty case, this is it. Stabbed the guy 27 times, slit his throat, then, when he was probably already dead, shot him in the head. If you look up Overkill in the dictionary it should have a picture of Arias. She is not crazy, she is not a battered woman, she is a sociopath who should be removed forever from society which is what the death penalty is for.

 Arias had already admitted she did it, you got the extremely violent scene of the crime, and you know the fact this woman killed the guy, then went and screwed some other dude hours later. Why did the judge allow her to mount this going nowhere silly defense, that cost the state over a million dollars, and waste over 3 months of the court's time ? Could you imagine if every murder trial were allowed to go on like this, and cost states this much for nothing ? It would clog the courts to no ends.

 If there was any miscarrage of justice here, it was the trial itself, and I blame the judge most of all for allowing this spectacle of everything that is wrong with the justice system to go on. Well, I blame this clown judge and Judge Ito. Her entire defense was let's drag this out, wear the jury down by finding every piece of crap she can find and throw it against the wall. At least none of it stuck. If you want to learn about this defense strategy, watch the video I have here of the Chewbacca defense. It runs 30 seconds and that is about how long her defense should have been.


 Now, because they are going to have some sort of interview with Arias on Greta Van Susteren's stupid show, I am forced to watch this crap on FOX News. Just give me the plunger, or button, or gallows handle, or what ever, I'll pull it, push it, kick the chair, or do what ever I need to do to make Arias go away once and for all.

 The one good thing about this trial, besides I hope this judge loses re-election and she will get death, is that at least there were no nut jobs in front of the courthouse with signs saying Let Jodi Free, Jodi Is Innocent, etc. and etc. Even the village idiots in our society know this broad is guilty as sin, and going straight to hell.

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