Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bill Ayers' speech to Milwaukee radical leftist group Rethinking Schools.(VIDEO)

By D.C.

 Last August,I learned that Bill Ayers ,on October 15th,was coming to town to give a fundraiser speech for the Milwaukee based,radical leftist group,Rethinking Schools.I could care less about Ayers,I know what he is,but I wanted to learn about this group of radical leftists who would want to host him.

 On August 28th,I posted what I had learned,"Rethinking Schools:A shocking look into what is being taught in urban public education".I re-posted this piece on October 11th to remind my readers of Ayers' appearance here on the 15th.

 Rethinking Schools is a non-profit organization that advocates teaching social justice theory,environmental nonsense and all sorts of other liberal quack ideas to children in public school.They basically believe and teach the ideas of Marxist indoctrination.Which is,twist their minds when they are young and they will believe our garbage for life.I offer proof of this later.

 Like most liberals,this group claims to mean well,but they are so driven by political ideology that they cannot see the destruction they have and are causing.Rethinking Schools is free to engage in whatever political or social advocacy activities they want to.But people must understand that when the members (or followers) of this group bring their politically motivated ideologies in to the public school classroom,they become answerable to the taxpayers and the parents who do not want their children taught this garbage.

 The Madison protests showed us a very ugly,destructive and sometimes violent side of liberalism.Many of us were shocked by the behavior of some of the people who actually teach our children.Having said that,from my research,I get no sense what so ever that Rethinking Schools would advocate violence.Which is why I was so surprised that this group would invite a violent terrorist as their 25th Anniversary fundraiser keynote speaker.

 The following is the video of Bill Ayers' speech at the Rethinking Schools fundraiser.It lasts roughly 25 minutes.If you don't want to bother watching it,which I can't blame you for,I will offer a brief summary and then a few thoughts.

 While I think Ayers' ideas on education are beyond controversial,he doesn't really say anything that would generate a headline in this speech.He has given thousands of these type speeches and he does a good job of it.He makes a personal connection with the audience,tells a few jokes,praises the work of the organization and gives them a little Ra-Ra pep talk at the end.

 If I was a moonbat lefty,who paid a couple hundred bucks to hear a guy who probably should be rotting in prison talk about his wacko ideas,I would have more than got my money's worth.

 I would like to address one thing he said that proves my earlier point,that what these people advocate is the Marxist indoctrination of children.Here is a quote from Ayers that comes at about the 18 minute mark of the video.
"We have spent too much time staring at the power we have no access to,the White House,the Pentagon,the Congress,Wall Street [pause] and not enough time looking at the power we have absolute access to [pause] the neighborhood,the school,the classroom! [cheering] That's the [applause] the power that is there [applause,cheering] is actually the power that can change things!
I will decode for you what Ayers is saying there.If you want to change things,politically,you do it first through the schools,creating little Marxists out of the children,who grow up to become adult Marxists,who will then vote for and support Marxist Democrat candidates,thus the change Ayers is talking about comes to be.I think you know what type of political change Ayers and those cheering want to bring about.

 These ideas are nothing new,they have been teaching them in public school for 30 plus years.Only now,they are more brazen in it with the protections of their union overlords.Looking at the sorry state of public education and what has become of the Democrat party,we are beginning to reap the fruits of their union labor.

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